What do you need for your shingle roof?

1. Roof deck
The roof deck is usually made of wood (OSB board).
The roof deck needs to be well nailed down and its surface even and dry before you can apply the Easy Shingle® underlay.

2. Easy Shingle® Underlay: 7,5m²/roll
Recommended as additional waterproofing that you place under your Easy Shingle®.
Start at the eaves and work your way up with a small overlap.

Easy Shingle® Underlay

3. Easy Shingle®: 2m²/bundle
You start at the eaves of the roof and work your way up.
You will need rectangular Easy Shingle® tiles for the roof ridge.

Easy Shingle® shingles

4. Easy Shingle® nails: 200pcs/bag (50 pcs/m²)
The Easy Shingle® is nailed down with Easy Shingle® nails.
Shingles are not to be torch applied.

Easy Shingle® nails

5. Easy Shingle® Stick: 310 ml/cartridge (1 cartridge/ +/- 3m²)
To finish off steep roof pitches and eaves, we recommend you use Easy Shingle® Stick.
This stops the tabs of the Easy Shingle® from flapping, thereby making your main or lean-to roof even more waterproof.