1. Highly weather resistant:

Easy Shingle® is extremely resistant to any type of weather,
from arctic to tropical temperatures, heat, humidity and wind.

Easy Shingle® on your roof protects you against:

Rain and hail - shingles mute the sound of the rainfall.

Strong winds up to 177 km/h - as a result shingles are in great demand in coastal areas and regions battered by storms.

Snow and ice - install the Easy Shingle® underlay under your shingles for extra protection.

Desert heat - shingles are very popular in tropical climates.
Provide adequate ventilation for an optimal indoor temperature and to increase the life of your roof.

UV rays: the colourfast granules on the shingles protect against UV rays.


Easy shingle®

Ultimate protection with Easy Shingle® bitumen shingles.
The glass fibre substrate is very stable.
The bitumen surface is waterproof and extremely durable.
The granule texture on the top offers real UV protection.