The 4 main advantages of Easy Shingle®:

1. Highly weather resistant: Easy Shingle® will withstand any type of weather,
 arctic to tropical temperatures, heat, humidity and wind

2. Budget-friendly compared to traditional roofing

3. Perfect insulation against noise and vermin

4. Easy to transport

Additional benefits for you:

Easy to fit - how do you begin and how much do you need?

Simply beautiful: different colours and shapes to choose from for your roof

Simply versatile: Easy Shingle® can be fitted to any main or lean-to roof shape

Simply local: look for a DIY store in your area that stocks Easy Shingle®


Easy Shingle® is not harmful to the environment

Shingles are not harmful to the environment or human health:
When renovating your garden shed, you can simply dispose of old and worn out shingles together with your weekly household waste.