Simply beautiful and versatile:

Bitumen shingles are highly compatible and suitable for virtually any shape of roof, with a pitch of 15° and upwards.
Apart from their attractive price and light weight bitumen shingles are the ideal roofing material for many applications:

■ BBQ hut
■ Mountain hut
■ 'Beer garden' seats
■ Bus stop
■ Letter box
■ Campsite building
■ Carport
■ Garage
■ Guesthouse
■ Gazebo
■ Kennel
■ Hayloft
■ Hunting cabin
■ Stable
■ Arbour, etc.

Roof for BBQ Hut, Mountain hut, outdoor sauna, hunting cabin, ski chalet,...Roof for beach cabin, beach parasol, guesthouse,...

■ Residential dwelling
■ Smoking area next to cafes or restaurants
■ Saunas
■ Sheepfold
■ Ski chalet
■ Cowshed
■ Beach cabin
■ Beach parasol
■ Garden shed
■ Home office
■ Bird house
■ Projecting gable
■ Welcome sign at village boundary
■ Summer cottage, etc.

Roof for gardenhouse, outdoor toitlet, smoking area cafés, summer cottage,...roof for hayloft, stable, sheepfold, cowshed,...


Easy Shingle® for any shape of roof

Shingles can be fitted equally on gently sloping roofs, pyramidal or rounded roofs, or steep shed roofs. Their diversity ensures that a unique look can be created for your main or lean-to roof.