Ideal for the DIY enthusiast - Fitting Easy Shingle® shingles is simple

Fitting Easy Shingle® shingles is simple and does not require special knowledge.

All you need is enough DIY dexterity to install the shingles according to the following five-step process.

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Ideal for the DIY enthusiast: Easy Shingle®

5-step process for installing your Easy Shingle® roof:

Step 1 - Points to note:

Easy Shingle®: the nail heads should not penetrate the shingle surface

Be careful: Always drive the nails in straight.

The nail heads should not penetrate the shingle surface.

Easy Shingle®: the nail heads should not penetrate in the shingle surface

■ For roof slopes exceeding 60°, additional adhesive (Easy Shingle® Stick) is necessary
■ When laying a roof, use approximately 50 Easy Shingle® nails per m²
■ 1 cartridge of Easy Shingle® Stick is enough for roughly 6 m²
■ Calculate how much you need

Step 2 - Preparation:

Easy Shingle® underlay

■ Clean the roof surface (usually a wooden roof deck)
■ Nail down the Easy Shingle® underlay
■ Overlap the Easy Shingle® underlay strips by 10 cm over each other (>21° roof pitch) or 50 cm (for a 15° to 20° roof pitch)

Step 3 - Shingle starting strip:

Easy Shingle® starting strip

■ Once the Easy Shingle® underlay is in place, start fitting the Easy Shingle® shingles

■ Cut the Easy Shingle® lengthways in order to obtain the starting strip

■ Where? At the height of the tab slits and along the full length of the shingle. Also shorten the first left (or right) strip by half a tab

Cut the Easy Shingle® starting strip

Step 4 - Fitting the shingles:

Fitting Easy Shingle®

■ Always fit the shingles in stretcher bond - place the first row at the lower eaves
■ For extra protection against wind and rain also glue the shingles at the roof edges with Easy Shingle® Stick

Step 5 - Ridge finish:

Easy Shingle® ridge finish

■ Always use rectangular shingles to make the ridge
■ Make sure that the the bitumen shingles are sufficiently covered on both sides of the roof

Good luck!